Not only has Jeanne Rowzee been in several publications, but she has also found a new found hobby in blogging! To keep up with the technological times, Jeanne has chosen to share her learnt experience and give advice whenever she can!

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Through the blog site, she has used this as her outlet to explore several topics that have brought her great interest. The adoption of animals is an area she constantly wants to bring awareness to. Jeanne Rowzee realizes that not everyone knows the ins and outs when it comes to animal adoption and she wants to help. Furthermore, the knowledge she has gained would be equally effective sharing it with others. Therefore, by continuing to work hard, she can continue to share her expertise. Her hope is that if any individuals are hesitant on adopting, after reading her insight, they will better consider the choice to do so.

Even though animals are her first passion, sports are a close second. She has always carried a passion for golf as well, through her school endeavours; sports were always a constant. She has found the sport of golf to be equally relaxing, as it is challenging. It helps with the balance of her health- both physically and mentally to have a sport to participate in. Its competitive nature is truly something


Jeanne Rowzee: Adopt, Don’t Shop - 3 Reasons Why It’s Better to Adopt Your Next Pet

Are you looking to add a furry companion to your life? Many people default to visiting pet shops in order to shop around for their next pet. However, Jeanne Rowzee lists the top 3 reasons why you should consider adopting your next pet instead of buying.

Jeanne Rowzee Describes the Best Golf Courses in Maryland

Maryland is well known for its long golfing history which dates back to the mid-18th century. With over 160 official golf clubs to choose from, golf enthusiasts have plenty of options. Here are Jeanne Rowzee’s suggestions for the best courses to choose for your next golfing session.

Jeanne Rowzee Highlights Animal Rescue Shelters in Maryland

Looking to adopt your next pet? To help you find your perfect companion, Jeanne Rowzee lists some of Maryland’s animal rescue shelters, as well as what you can expect from your visit and how to plan for adoption. Before visiting, Jeanne Rowzee reminds individuals that you should first ensure that your apartment is pet-friendly.

Jeanne Rowzee Offers the Best Places to Eat in Maryland

Whether you’ve lived in Maryland your entire life and want to rediscover its delicacies, or you’re planning to visit, here are Jeanne Rowzee’s suggestions for the best places to eat. If you’re craving all-you-can-eat seafood, this is the place to go.

Animal Activist Jeanne Rowzee’s Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Adopting an Animal

Adopting a pet is exciting; however, it is also a serious life decision. You’ll have another life to care for, feed and raise. If it is your first time adopting a pet, you’re going to make drastic life changes that alter your current lifestyle.

The Benefits of Non-Profit Organizations According to Jeanne Rowzee

When the government doesn’t allocate enough money for a certain cause or an issue is being overlooked by people, non-profit organizations are usually there to help. Whether it’s hunger, a type of cancer, housing, children and more, non-profits work to lift people up who are struggling, with the goal of helping those in need.

Jeanne Rowzee Discusses why Golf is a Form of Therapy

Once the weather gets warm, droves of people run to the golf course to practice their game, relax and have fun. But while many people are playing golf for the fun and leisure, golf is a great form of therapy for others.

Jeanne Rowzee’s 6 Reasons to Volunteer Your Time

There are many reasons to volunteer - to meet new people, learn new things and enjoy new experiences. From traveling to exotic locations to visiting a new part of your own hometown; volunteering can open us up to making new friends and experiencing new things.

Jeanne Rowzee Weighs the Pros and Cons of Seniors and Dog Ownership

Before you make the leap and add a new member of your family, whether it’s by purchasing a puppy directly from a breeder or adopting a senior dog; it’s best to take a look at the pros and cons of pet…

Jeanne Rowzee’s Tips for Founding a Successful Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations gather funding and drive recognition to specific, often underrepresented causes that are deserving of dedicated efforts. Starting a non-profit may be an excellent idea for those seeking to solve complex socioeconomic issues such as local poverty.

The Importance of Developing Public Speaking Skills at an Early Age

The earlier you develop public speaking skills, the better positioned you are to be a leader. Leaders can move people with their words, which is why great leadership and public speaking skills often go together, says Jeanne Rowzee, Owner and Founder of Homeward Bound Animal Rescue and Welfare Inc.

What Costs Come with Owning a Dog?

Adding a new dog to your family is an exciting moment. You may be adopting a dog from a local shelter or purchasing one from a pet store or breeder. While adding a dog to your family is certainly an…