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Jeanne Rowzee is constantly learning new things. She prides herself in creating an environment in which learning can continually happen. Throughout her childhood and adult life, it was something Jeanne really values. Conversation is one of the main ways in which knowledge can flourish. Through her work as a lawyer and now running a non-profit organization, she herself has a large amount of advice to share. Furthermore, these career choices have helped to form who Jeanne is today.

Her work has been featured in various publications, such as Prague Post. This publication is truly noteworthy. Known for its valued content and extensive categories, it has everything you would be looking for. Jeanne Rowzee has utilized this outlet to spread her ideas via the online web. She found it was the best way to reach a new found audience to her cause.

Jeanne Rowzee’s ability to teach through her words has always been a gift. She continually encourages young adults to become involved with their local Non-Profit organizations. In addition to the inclusion of different generations, it is important to catch their eye. Jeanne is adamant on finding ways to draw in others to volunteer. Whether it be through incentives or being active on social media, she believes in finding new ways to reach them.


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Running a non-profit organization tends to be the polar opposite of having a regular, for-profit business. Besides the obvious difference when it comes to earnings, these types of ventures are different from many other angles. First, they tend to operate in sectors that are not commonly targeted by businesses that want to maximize earnings.

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Jeanne Rowzee has had a highly successful legal career with a mission to devote herself to her true passion: animal rescue and welfare. Growing up in suburban Maryland outside of Washington, DC, Jeanne was an outstanding student and athlete at The Academy of the Holy Cross in Kensington, MD.

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Jeanne has a strong passion for animals and enjoys staying active.

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Jeanne Rowzee is an active member in her community who has a love for animals. She also enjoys playing sports and staying fit.